Free Typing Class

The free typing class

The Typing Class offers a complete series of easy to follow lessons that help improve your typing skills. Learn how to type efficiently and accurately with all ten fingers. Each lesson focuses on the accurate use of a small number of keys. As you complete each class lesson, you will advance to the next level.

The free Typing Class is easy and simple to follow. It has been designed to help teach children how to touch type and is used by thousands of people every day to improve their typing skills. Helpful guides can be turn off or on to guide you as you complete each level.

The lessons start out by introducing the home keys and then quickly expand to include real words for you to practice. Various typing games are available to help improve your typing skils.

The ability to type quickly and accurately is a definite asset in the modern world. It has massive life-time benefits in a range of freelance and work-from-home jobs, ranging from secretarial and transcription jobs to computer coding and software development.

Learn to type for free

We hope you enjoy learning to type.

The Typing Class